shipping policies + frequently asked questions

Are the earrings heavy?

  • No. A lot of people tend to comment on how light they are. Although, sometimes it depends on the materials used. If you’re concerned about lightness of earrings, contact me via, or on my social media accounts (Facebook & Instagram)

What are regular posts and fingernail posts?

  • Regular posts are the stud backing. Fingernail posts have the lever back connected to the earring. 

Do you take custom orders?

  • I am not taking custom orders at the moment. I will post on my Facebook and Instagram when I do take custom orders. 

Can I wear beaded earrings if I’m not Indigenous?

  • Yes! Supporting Indigenous artists is cultural appreciation, not appropriation. 

What stitch do you use for the mini wristlets? 

  • Peyote stitch

My mini wristlet broke! What do I do? 

  • If any of your jewelry breaks, let me know and I will fix it free of charge :)


Shipping Information and Policies 

  • I am not responsible for shipments after they have reached Canada Post. However, I will try my best to accommodate you. Solely, it is not my responsibility when shipments get lost during standard shipping. I suggest tracked shipping for the best service. 

How long does shipments take?

  • Please note, that these may alternate due to covid-19. Once I get the package out the door, it typically takes 2-3 days within New Brunswick. Within the Maritimes, typically 3-7 days. Times vary within the rest of Canada and the United States. 

Are shipments safe in the bubble mailer? 

  • I do my best to package it as safely as possible to ensure they arrive at their destination in great condition. If you're worried about your order being shipped in a bubble mailer, choose 'in a box' shipping method at checkout. 

When does my package get shipped?

  • I aim to get it shipped the next business day after the order has been placed. However, sometimes life happens and it may not be shipped until a few days later.

When do you drop off earrings?

  • For community members and local customers. I offer pick up and drop off. I aim to get it dropped off as quickly as possible or offer pick up as quickly as possible. Please be patient when it comes to drop off. 


Totes, Clothing & Cups

How do I wash my tote? 

  • Please DO NOT wash, they will shrink. Hand wash only and air dry. 


What are the bags made of?

  • The tote bags are made of natural cotton fibre and they are eco-friendly & non-toxic to ensure the safety of both your children and the Earth. 


What size of the tote bags?

  • Each canvas tote bag measures 15 x 16 inches /38 x 40 cm. 


How do I wash my cup?

  • Hand wash only. Do not soak. 


How do I wash my clothing? (i.e. sweaters, sweatpants)

  • Hand wash in cold water is recommended. The less you can machine wash them the better! Since I recently incorporated patches (sweaters + totes), for them to last longer, hand wash and air dry is best. 


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